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Dennis BrownDennis Brown is the owner of FreightBrokerBootCamp.com and former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. (2003-2013)

Dennis founded his freight brokerage, LDi, back in 2003 as a one man operations with no industry experience and has helped to grow the company to over $39 million in revenue in 2012 with projected sales of over $45 million in 2013.

After hundreds of requests to train freight brokers and agents he decided to offer a very comprehensive but affordable online freight broker training program called www.freightbrokerbootcamp.com.

Since then hundreds of people interested in learning how to become a freight broker or freight agent have participated in his online freight broker training program which posts a 97% customer satisfaction rating!

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2 Responses to About Dennis Brown

  1. Jet Henley says:

    Hello Mr.Brown after looking over your web site I see that you don’t do job placement. There are a lot of companies that require 2 year experience and a book of business. Please tell me what you can do for me on getting job.

    • DennisBrown says:

      Hi Jet thank you for your question and interest in http://www.FreightBrokerBootcamp.com
      As for getting a job as a freight agent I suggest the follow.

      1. Get trained so you understand and fluently speak the lingo of a freight agent.

      2. Make a list of local freight brokerages within driving distance from you and then
      contact the owner, sales manager or HR dept and request a meeting to discuss the opportunity
      to work on straight commission for their brokerage. Make sure you explain you are not
      looking for a salary, benefits or even a computer. You only want a fair and negotiable
      straight commission on any profit you bring to the company and that your focus will be
      to generate new customers for their company.

      3. Meet with and sell yourself as a person who can help the company bring on new customers
      at no cost.

      4. If you make it through all your local brokers without getting an opportunity continue to reach
      out to nearby cities and states until you find a reputable broker that will give you a phone
      interview to discuss your business proposal.

      A. Focus on connecting with smaller freight brokers. Don’t waste your time with large brokers as they
      will typically only be looking for experienced agents, although Landstar will sometimes take on agents that
      no book or hands on experience.

      B. Sell yourself as if you are in a job interview. Present yourself as a confident and professional
      person that will never embarrass them and that your value is truly a win-win.

      C. If for some odd reason you are still not able to connect with a broker direct, find some established
      and experience freight agents (Linkedin.com is a great place to connect with them) and then propose
      the same idea to them but as a sub-agent. A sub-agent is a straight commission agent that works under
      and established agent.

      I am confident that anyone who is serious about becoming a freight agent, regardless of experience, if you
      follow the instructions above and my tips you will get an opportunity as either an agent or sub-agent in no
      time at all.

      I hope this helps and best of luck with your new business!

      -Dennis Brown

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