Freight Broker Sales vs. Freight Broker Marketing

As you may or may not know by now I have been doing LIVE Broker / Agent training’s on Facebook for the past couple of months and the feedback has been overwhelming.

Below is one I did on a topic I have never covered before.  In this training I talk about the the difference between freight broker sales and freight broker marketing.  Enjoy this free REPLAY.

If you have questions just click the comment box below the video and I will try to get back to you via Facebook to answer your questions.

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Dennis Brown
Top Freight Broker Trainer


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7 Responses to Freight Broker Sales vs. Freight Broker Marketing

  1. Billie L Shewman says:

    I want my own dump truck but need help with getting contacts

  2. Billie L Shewman says:

    Bonus offer

  3. Rodney Chastain says:

    Top Five

  4. Working full time at a insulation manufacturer and wanting to be a business owner again. Watching the presentation and instruction is a reminder that I am capable. Been around the trucking industry so I understand logististics and how that equates to making money by moving product. Business I had from 1992 to 2002 was Chimney cleaning not full time I worked it as supplemental income. Anyway I do want be a business owner again soon. Goal is set by 2018 I want to be working for myself.

  5. Rodney Chastain says:

    Thanks for this video I truly want to take your course. But right now me and my wife are running team in one of the three trucks we have with our son.

    As soon as I can I will be enrolling in your course.

    I have a friend that took the online course and told me about it. Her name is Maria Baker in Hebron, OH

    Top 5

  6. Samuel Kerns says:

    Top five.

  7. Roberto alvarado says:


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